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Post-partum depression talk with influencers

Dr. Parikh speaks on post-partum depression with influencers Zarna Garg and Anisha Ramakrishna as he brings awareness to this important issue and highlights the stigma attached to psychiatric care in communities of color.

PennHealthX Podcast

Dr. Parikh chats with Ryan O'Keefe on the Penn Health X Podcast about his career journey to medicine and psychiatry, non-traditional path to business school, and outlook on the future of psychiatric care delivery in the United States.

The Pulse Podcast by Wharton Digital Health

As former co-host of the Pulse Podcast by Wharton Digital Health, Dr. Parikh has interviewed healthcare leaders focused on improving access to high quality care.


Listen to his interviews with:

* Mariam Malik @ Genoa Telepsychiatry
* Lauren Lisher @ Mount Sinai Health Partners

* Corbin Petro @ Eleanor Health

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